Care Advice for Yarn

How to Use and Care for your Bayswater Yarn

Superwash yarn can be machine washed on a cold and gentle cycle, however for longevity I recommend hand washing any item made with wool or wool blend yarn in cold water, with a wool wash such as Soak or Euclan, and laying flat for drying. Do not dry on the radiator as you run the risk of felting the wool. All my yarn is dyed with professional grade acid dyes, and rinsed in an unscented, clear wool wash. Whilst utmost care is taken to rinse any excess dye, super pigmented yarns may have very slight colour bleeding when blocking. This should not affect your yarn, but you may see a slight tinge to your water. Please do not be alarmed. 

Alongside this, you may occasionally see colour on your hands when working with the yarn. Many things can affect the PH of your hands and interact with the yarn and dyes used. This should not alarm you, and is a perfectly normal thing to happen, and should not affect the yarn you are working with or result in colour bleeding.

Colours of yarn are represented as best as possible, however may look different on different computers or in alternative lighting. All yarns are hand dyed and therefore no two are identical, even those dyed within the same batch.

All yarn is dyed with a professional grade acid dye, such as Jacquard or Dharma, and all wool is ethically sourced or locally produced. I am to use British wool wherever possible, but most Superwash Merino is produced and spun outside of the UK.